Jonah 4: Pride

Jonah chapter 4 brings the story back to a place where we see Jonah’s heart and realize his experience has been more about refining his spirit than redeeming Nineveh’s. After Nineveh repents and God aborts destroying the city, instead of celebrating that victory, Jonah’s thirst for vengeance brings him to anger and bitterness. How could God take such … Continue reading Jonah 4: Pride

Jonah 3: Breathe

Jonah finally reaches Nineveh and begins warning the people of God’s impending judgement if they do not adjust their priorities and lifestyle decisions. The hard, ruthless community listens to what Jonah has to say, influencing change even up to the king of the country. You will notice this drawing is much lighter than the first two … Continue reading Jonah 3: Breathe


As Jonah’s story continues, we find him washing up on shore and being faced with the exact same call that made him run to sea to begin with. Go to Nineveh. Jonah rejected God, then he ran to escape his shame. In his shame, he brought torment on his companions and was thrown overboard. Alone … Continue reading Rise