Plasso Design CAD Services

Utilizing over 50 years of combined experience in FF&E and architecture, Plasso Design facilitates design and manufacturing in the furniture industry, offering drafting and product development services on a freelance, contract basis. Serving clients from High Point to Los Angeles.

Computer Aided Design and Product Development

Two-dimensional drafting

We bring fresh eyes to conceptual design and analysis of specifications to yield manufacturable products. We will develop full-scale, detailed schematics using two-dimensional CAD software the client’s engineering teams can use our drawings to turn ideas into products.

Three-dimensional modeling

Remaining on the cutting edge of modern technology, we can take the two-dimensional drawing to another level by developing them into three dimensional models.

Three-dimensional printing

Once fully modeled, clients may request a three-dimensional print at scale for handling and review.

DIGITAL Rendering

We will render two-dimensional sketches and three-dimensional models to meet our client’s goals for presentation and marketing materials.

contract design

We offer contract design for clients who have inspiration for their end product and are looking for new ideas to introduce into their product line. With full understanding of our client’s needs, we will tackle all aspects of balancing form and function with aesthetics and budgetary restraints. Concept proposals selected by our client will transition to two-dimensional drafting and three-dimensional modeling as requested.

Consultation services

Upon completion of design concepts and digital development, the client may consult our staff through the product development phase. We will assess products for measures such as adherence to design parameters, structural integrity, manufacturing efficiency, and cost efficiency.

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