The Poison Apple


What’s your number one priority in life? Your main focus? What drives your decision making? The one thing in your life you would not be able to survive without? Financial stability? A successful career? Someone to walk though life beside? What if the most dangerous things in life are the good things?

Today marked the start of a new series at North Ridge, How to Wreck Your Life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at modern-day idolatry, discovering the personal idols we’ve created and tearing them all down. Something becomes an idol when we take it from a level of a good thing and make it into the ultimate thing. Being the best at our job, being the perfect spouse, the perfect parent, the ultimate church volunteer, the best athlete; these barely scratch the surface of today’s idols. A simple litmus test to see if something is being elevated too high is to step back and look at the last week, what did you sacrifice in order to focus on this other thing? How many nights did you kiss your children goodnight after they were asleep so that you could get those extra hours of work in? How many dinners did your wife eat by herself while you on the field coaching that ball team?

The very first line of Dean’s message solidified the drawing I created; “What if the most dangerous things in life are the good the good things?” We know the bad things in life, habits to avoid, ideas that will only bring trouble if we follow through on them. Those things are easy to avoid. When it comes wrapped in a virtuous package, seeing the dangers before its too late is more difficult. Like a poison apple, it looks refreshing and delicious on the outside. Only after taking a bite do we discover its putrid core.

What’s your poison apple? Have you done anything about it?

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