The Intimacy of Art

Another great post from Manuel. This one speaks to the heart of my creative aspirations, the intimacy of the creation process and how that plays out in my artwork.

Adventures in Faith & Art

My pastor, Mike Lueken, posed a question to us in his most recent Sunday message.  If you were to meet the real Jesus, he posited, the real flesh-in-blood Jesus of the Bible, would you want to be with Him?  Would you sit with Him and talk to Him and eat with Him and be drawn to be with Him?  Or would you make some small talk for a few minutes, and then find some polite way to excuse yourself and leave? Would you find a conversation with Jesus compelling and deep and delightful, or would you find it stilted and surfacy and uncomfortable?  Would you have a lot to talk about, or would you be grasping for words?

It got me thinking about the nature of how we interact with others, and how we will sometimes guard ourselves with our small courtesies and our social graces, to keep…

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