Why? A Visual Discussion – Press release

ASHEBORO, N.C- Circa Gallery will host an artist reveal and reception for local artist David Allsbrook, Sunday July 15,2012 from 5:00-7:00 p.m.  Allsbrook has created a way to communicate God’s Word visually through two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts. The show will display his works that he has created while in church services. David can be found in the worship center at North Ridge Church every Sunday, pencil and sketch pad in hand. He listens intently during the service, sits in a ready position as the message presentation commences, then feverishly starts drawing when the inspiration hits.  “I pour myself into each image, creating an image that includes more than mechanical techniques, they are  containers for the emotions behind the drawing.”

Viewing the art created within his ministry will serve as a precursor to, and direct reminder of, the messages presented, inspiring deeper corporate growth. Our brains rely on at least one of three learning styles to process and retain information, whether audibly, visually, or kinesthetically. Of the three, learning visually is the most commonly utilized. The church connects with auditory learners quite effectively through music and vocal message presentations. Kinesthetic learners find their place in the church through the volunteer and mission opportunities we offer. Visual learners, however, are very much left out in the cold. Stage design, lighting, colorful graphics are good amenities but they only guide the viewer to the auditory message. To reach people on a visual level, the visual element must communicate the message independently. This is where David comes in, interpreting God’s word and the message of the church visually to reach every learning style within the Body.

David is an artist in the Piedmont of North Carolina, creating art in a variety of media that has a depth of layered meaning and abundance of emotion. His goal is to balance objectivity and subjectivity, communicating the thought process behind each creation while allowing enough flexibility for the viewer to find a personal connection with the art.

Allsbrook developed his skills throughout childhood, learning through practice then utilizing arts education in grade school to hone  his talent.  He Graduated from  East Carolina University in 2002 with a BFA in wood design, dabbling in a wide array of media and styles in the process. “In the years since graduation, my career path has taken me from a factory floor in a manufacturing facility, the work table in a floral shop, teaching in public schools, to product development and engineering. This wide array of professions ties together with one common bond; creativity. Now an engineer by day, an artist by night, a visual translator on weekends, and unceasingly a dad and husband, creativity remains constant.”

Growing up the son of a Christian pastor and church planter, God and the Christian community were a consistent part of my life. He experienced the full spectrum of the church from culture-changing highs to mission-tainting lows. Through the positive and negative, he remained loyal to his roots. He now chooses to apply his natural abilities and learned skills to give back to his Creator by positively impacting the world he inhabits. While his mission has never changed, the way it manifests continues to evolve. Progressing from simply being a loyal friend in grade school, then creative expression through music and drama during college, deeper community involvement since graduation. Combining these efforts and related experiences led him back to my roots; creating visual art.

The reception is free and open to the public Sunday July 15, 2012 5:00 to 7:00 p.m at Circa Gallery 150 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro, N.C 27203. The Artist will be on hand to meet and discuss his works.  The show will be on display July 15 through August 14, 2012.


Click here to view the article in Asheboro Magazine!

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