Creativity and Brain Development

Art and Human Brain Development, great topic for discussion. Aaaaand….GO!

the difference

What’s up creatives?!

I joined in on a webinar yesterday hosted by the National Endowment of the Arts with proposed some intriguing ideas that will make for a great discussion. The lecture covered the topic of Art & Human Development and the speaker is neurophysicist and Rex Jung (follow the link to listen to the lecture).


One of the highlights I pulled from participating in this was that the same part of the brain that is activated during creativity is the same place active when we pray. That proves to me the value of creative expression as worship.

Another discovery made by Jung is that being most creative when you’re tired isn’t just an urban legend shared by artists, places in your brain are most creative when they are relaxed. This relaxed state is induced different ways for different people, but by learning how our individual brains work we can…

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