The Professional Artist and the Church

This is an excellent model for incorporating art and artists into the church body in a real way. I pray more congregations will become open to this.

Adventures in Faith & Art

Lyn Lasneski TriennialWhen I began this blog seven years ago, much of the discussion around faith and the arts had to do with the justifications and theology of the arts in the church. In a sense, artists were looking for validation and acceptance into the church, both for what they did and for who they were made to be. Indeed, the last few decades have been a period of reclaiming the arts within the church, and I count it fortunate to have been one of the voices in that dialogue.

Today however, I have noticed that the dialogue of faith and the arts has shifted from justification and theology to practices and methods. This includes those who practice within their churches, and also those who face the occupational challenges of artists of faith. And there are many.

Recently, a colleague of mine, Lyn Lasneski, who is an amazing artist, speaker, and teacher, 

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