Drum Circle: A Metaphor

This touches the very place my heart beats.

Adventures in Faith & Art

Recently, I lead a Drum Circle class for beginners, as a part of our annual Art Immersion, a one-week series of arts classes led by New Joy Arts at my church. I’m not a percussionist by training, but I’ve led Drum Circles in the past, and I do know enough to provide rudimentary instruction to novices (while hopefully making it fun!). So this gave me an opportunity to go a little deeper into the techniques and practices of this particular art form.

A Drum Circle is a simple thing. A group of people, typically seated, form a circle, playing hand drums (e.g., congas, djembes, bongos, shakers, tambourines, and other hand percussion). Everyone has a heartbeat, and thus, everyone is a rhythmic being by nature. We are designed by God to create and respond to rhythm. So the Drum Circle is a fundamental—perhaps even primal—means of making music with…

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