Barely Breathing

Barely Breathing (every-thing's hanging on your next move)

Amy performed one of my favorite tracks off her self-titled album; the song ‘Barely Breathing’. For me, this song is about my personal relationship, and obedience to God. My favorite line really captures the essence of faith, the uninhibited , reckless, genuine kind God desires from us; “Every-thing’s hanging on Your next move”. I do not know if this image is what Amy had in mind when she wrote it, but this always stirs up an emotion I experienced when faced with the decision of undergoing brain surgery in 2003. After having seizures my entire life, doctors discovered scar tissue on the right side of my brain, and proposed surgery to remove it and possibly free me from this thorn. Being in my first year of marriage, the decision was not something I took lightly, or made alone. Success meant a new life, a driver’s license, new doors opening on the job front, peace of mind for Julie and myself. The procedure failing, on the other hand, was just as extreme on the negative side: unpredictable memory loss, loss of creative abilities (all based on the right side), not to mention the threat of catastrophic side effects present in any major surgery. After much prayer and discussion, we decided surgery was the way to go. God gave me a sense of peace about the procedure many did not understand, I even questioned my sanity at times! December 16, 2003, I was rolled into the operating room for the 6 hour surgery. The procedure went off without the slightest complication and I awoke in the ICU with Julie by my side and a clearer memory than I had when I went in! The following Thanksgiving I took my last anti-epileptic pill. 20 pills a day, average of 40 seizures a month, all set to zero because of one step of faith.

What’s your story? Have you ever been in the position to look up and say, “Every-thing’s hanging on Your next move?”


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