The Ballad of Laurie Stevens

The Ballad of Laurie Stevens

Bethany performed a very personal song she wrote about a tragic event that occurred to a family close to her, adding her own twist to turn it into a love story. I also found a very spiritual side to the lyrics.

A family Bethany has close ties to lived in a home located so that a creek had to be crossed in order to reach it. After a significant rain, the creek flooded, but not everyone had made it home. As a vehicle attempted to reach home, the rising water took control of the car, carrying it down stream and the driver to their spiritual home.

Bethany sings, “You can’t stop the river Jordan, from flowing deep and wide. There is no way to keep from crossing, over to the other side.”

How soberingly true for each and every one of us……..

My drawing is a literal depiction of the scene, a road blocked by a rushing river, no U turns allowed. Though a mistake, I am very happy with this photo! My index finger covered the flash as I snapped the image, creating the orange glow. I was first annoyed by my mistake, but after loading the images onto my computer and being able to really view them, I find the glow rather relaxing, a happy accident!




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