Jonah 2: Repentance

Yesterday was the second installment of Jonah at North Ridge. We discussed chapter 2 where Jonah turns and faces the task God is trusting him with; undoubtedly nervous, probably skeptical, but decidedly faithful.


Before reading further, take a look at last week’s representation of Jonah 1, ‘The Word of the Lord Came to Jonah’. In last week’s image, the page was mostly black. A small circle of light was growing in the bottom right corner, symbolizing the overwhelming wave of fear that came over Jonah once he realized the task before him. This week takes that image a step further in the story. The white circle is still present in the bottom right, still being restrained by the overwhelming darkness of the background. A face is protruding from the dark background, symbolizing Jonah turning to face his fear and tackle his mission head on. We’re required to do the same thing in our lives. We first turn from our sinful, selfish and materialistic selves to embrace God. Then we have multiple occasions when God will give us a specific task or bring us to a crossroad where we must choose again, our way or God’s way. As Jonah, among many others, found out, God’s way is always best.

Look back at last week’s drawing and then this one again. I proposed the emotion I conveyed last week  was like the small white circle being told to make the page white again. The outer perimeter is encroaching on the darkness, reducing the space it holds on the page. I used shapes to mimic that of ocean waves and seaweed that swept over Jonah and wrapped around his legs during his time in the ocean.

As this series progresses, I do not believe we will be seeing a separate drawing for each chapter, I am expecting this will become a single image that morphs from fear, to repentance, to victory, then on to resentment and back again. Expect something brighter for next week, Jonah 3!

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