Jonah 3: Breathe

Jonah finally reaches Nineveh and begins warning the people of God’s impending judgement if they do not adjust their priorities and lifestyle decisions. The hard, ruthless community listens to what Jonah has to say, influencing change even up to the king of the country.

You will notice this drawing is much lighter than the first two of this series. I used vine charcoal for this image, leaning on its light, soft characteristics to bring a lighter mood to the image. The original dark page is growing white again, representing the impossible task Jonah was given being fulfilled. The Ninevites were receptive to the words Jonah spoke, initiating the change in the attitude of their hearts. The face on the page seems to have smoke rising from its mouth, replacing the darkness by filling the page to show how the words Jonah spoke affected the society around him.

Concluding Jonah 3, a decree to repent is given and a time of mourning issued, satisfying God and preventing the onslaught of His wrath; but inspiring a very different attitude within Jonah for chapter 4.


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