Take to the Oars

It has been a long string of months since I have created any form of spontaneous art. COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing and public shutdowns squashed all creative inspiration with relentless ambition. When imagination and creativity go dark, fear, anxiety and depression rush in like a tidal wave. I have been working to make the conscious choice to fight against this darkness over the last few weeks. With churches reopening to in-person corporate services and the social anxiety lifting, today I took another step toward reclaiming myself. I confess this drawing felt forced on some level, but I am taking the plunge back in to vulnerability and sharing this piece of myself with you.

I recently joined a group for men to engage and develop each other called The Strenuous Life, I am part of Class 063. We selected the ox as our mascot (2021 Chinese totem) and the motto “Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe” – When the wind no longer serves, take to the oars.

I am taking to the oars with my art, not waiting on inspiration to move me but creating inspiration by doing.

Remos adhibe, 063!


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